Hocking Hills Moonshine

Welcome to Hocking Hills Moonshine located in the heart of the Hocking Hills at 519 East Front Street, Logan, OH 43138. The only place in Ohio where you can get your shine, a history lesson and the experience of a lifetime.
Brian St. Clair, Brother Eric and Cousin Ray, yes, we are all related, together started a moonshine distillery in the fall of 2015. They decided to turn back the clock to the prohibition era and produce corn liquor just like the bootleggers of that era.

The St. Clair's produce a smooth tasting shine that satisfies even non-drinkers. The original recipe of 80 proof hits the spot but if you need a little more kick the new 120 proof, Buckeye Lightning, will curl your toes. The lightning will strike!

Once you're here let our experienced and knowledgeable staff take you on a personal tour. We are a family owned business and strive for complete customer satisfaction.

The distillery boosts several original copper pot stills as well as other museum pieces on display. Walk back in time with artifacts from the St. Clair's 1800's farm. The St. Clair boys even salvaged an old grain bin that was their club house growing up. That "club house" is now a dividing wall that separates the retail room from the work area.

These boys are serious about making shine and will work hard to bring you a quality product. The tour will show you the art of making shine from start to finish. From mashing, distillation to the filtering process.

The process is completed by hand in small batches. Our experience and vast knowledge will shine through.

After your tour experience has tickled your senses it is time for a tasting. The great state of Ohio allows up to four, yes, four delicious flavors of your choice to taste. Once you've tried it and the enjoyment fills up your spirit the product is for sale.

We hope you'll stop in and visit when you can. Our product is available at your local state liquor store. We can't be everywhere so if your state store doesn't have it - demand it!

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At St. Clair's Family-Owned Distillery, guided tours are offered to the public to give an insider view of making quality shine products. During the guided tour, visitors will learn how to make their own step-by-step and start producing a quality product quickly and efficiently. Visitors can explore the distillery’s historical record, learn about the process of making shine, and participate in a guided tasting.

In addition to guided tours, St. Clair’s Family-Owned Distillery also offers educational courses on how to make shine. During these courses, participants will get hands-on experience with the distillation process and learn all aspects of distilling a quality product. From the knowledge gained, participants will be able to produce a high quality shine that people are sure to love.

If you’re looking for an educational experience and guided tour of a family-owned distillery with more than 100 years of making shine, St. Clair's Family-Owned Distillery is the place for you. With guided tours and courses on making shine, visitors will get an up-close look at the production process and learn how to make a quality product. You can be sure that once you’ve learned the secrets of St. Clair’s shine-making process, you’ll have the skills to do my essay for me quickly and easily.

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